Papers about AIBO

I collected papers about AIBO, but not especially from the RoboSoccer themes, rather than the open problems of its intelligence, robotic vision, ethological questions (AIBO <-> real dogs) etc. The collection can be downloaded from here (Last update 18-10-2009).

Links - Research, development

AIBODemo - Color-Based Object Recognition with AIBO
Tekkotsu - Development Framework for AIBO
LibURBI - Easy-to-use programming environment (Java, C++, Matlab)
ENSTA - The background of the LibURBI
TUDelft - Research interest area of a group at a TUDelft in Netherlands
AiboPet's site - R-Code+, Yart and other hacks
PyRo - Another easy-to-use programming environment (Python)
W/BO Project - WiFi project with AIBO
Frédéric Kaplan - Researcher in Paris CSL (Sony)
Iofreek - Wiki page about AIBO
Dogsbody's site - Customization tools
Aibotoys - Commercial softwares (small games, chat application)

Links - Forum, chat, repair

AIBO Life - Forum, chat etc.
AIBO Hospital - Repair service in USA
AIBO-Reparatur-Service - Repair service in Germany
Batteryrefill - Battery refill service in USA