It is a free software for free, you can download/use it for your AIBO and I am happy to get feedback.
There is NO any kind of warranty. Though I am careful as much as I can when I provide releases of my software, but it is your responsibility to take the risk of the usage with your robot I have an AIBO and I am careful in the development, however, there is no perfect software.

AIBO Rebirth release demo (22 Apr 2015)

The AIBO Rebirth is the first public release of the AiBO+ project in which a new application (AiBO+ Client) has been developed for Ubuntu Linux, Windows and Android to show the robot state and crowdsource scientific data (machine learning samples). The new AI for Sony ERS-7 is able to walk around in a room, detect the floor surface, avoid objects and deepnesses (e.g a stairway). A more comprehensive description of this release is written under For users page. The following video highlights the new features.

Demo video (normal 2D version):

Demo video (3D version):

Demo (01 Jan 2013)

A PC application has been developed for the project to record the log messages, sensor data and other higher level robot state descriptors (e.g emotions, free memory...). This program helps the faster development and supports the analysis of the runtime problems. The application has been ported to Windows and Android from Linux.

The main features of the application:
- Showing the camera image/log messages from AIBO and diagrams of the sensor data and other descriptors.
- Two main modes: record mode to save the runtime data from AIBO and offline mode to analyse the recorded data.
- Record mode: server-like application mode, automatic discovery of the robot on the network with broadcast messages, live-update of the data, instant recording and switching to offline mode when the connection is closed/lost to AIBO.
- Offline mode: interactive mode with the diagrams (e.g zooming/panning), gestures with two fingers (horizontal and vertical panning, zooming in/out etc.).

New AI feature on AIBO:
- The dog can stand up and walk straight, but it is in very pre-alpha state.

Since the application is meant for development purposes and the walking is in very early stage, there is no software download for this demo.

Demo video:

Demo (30 Jan 2012)

The emphasize of the demo is on the emotional body responses. AIBO can notice the stroking on the back, chin and crown. The sophisicated responses include head movements, animations on the face LEDs, flapping the ears, wagging the tail and pushing the head into the palm when the chin is stroked. The played sound effects result movements of the lip (lip sync). Pushing the body from the side or moving the leg by hand makes the robot angry (face LED animations and barking.)

There are also some other simple behaviors implemented:
- SpeakerVolume: Controls the volume of the speaker based on the context (daylight level, part of the day).
- BodyFlying: Makes the robot angry when hand-carried (not presented in the demo).

Demo video:

Demo (20 June 2011)

AIBO is able to turn over from upside down position to lying. The movements are not hardcoded, but a collection of behaviors (behavior networks) show complex behaviors emerged from the interaction of simple behaviors.

There are also some simple behaviors implemented:
- Startup: Plays a sound and shows animation on the white LEDs on the back.
- Battery indicator: Shows the battery level on the LEDs on the back.
- Sleeping/Awaken: Depending on the lightning conditions, the dog goes to sleeping or awaken state and normal or blinking "eye" is showed on the face LEDs.
- Eye pupil: The level of the LEDs on the face and the back are adjusted to the lightning conditions.

Demo video:

Behind the scenes video: