Git repositories

Main git repository with C++ codebase: here
Open-R (based on gcc 3.x and gcc 5.4) repository: here
Core libraries for AIBO repository: here
Boost for AIBO repository: here
Ubuntu development environment repository: here

Open-R SDK

An Open-R Guide was written how to use the updated Open-R SDK (based on gcc 5.4), including CMake support.

C++ API reference

There is a Doxygen generated API reference for AiBO+ 3.1.2 release: here


Status:  Coverity Scan Build Status

Detailed report is available: here

Continuous integration

A Jenkins CI server is configured to ensure the quality: here
(Note: The CI runs on a Banana Pi, slow response times can happen.)

Builds:     Tests:     Code Analyzis: 

Some metrics are generated with Jenkins (since 15-11-2014):

Code coverage

Code complexity



Open HUB statistics